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I just went on my first Sky Dive today. Sky Diving was #1 on my "Bucket List" and THANKS to the AWESOME Team at ASC - ATL, this was THE BEST and most exciting experience of my life!!! The ASC Staff was very professional, courteous, humerous, and helpful. I will definitely recommend ASC and be doing this again!!!
- Al Tankersley

I wanted to give a huge thank you to both Jr. and Leslie with my first Tandem jump today! Jr. was great to jump with, and Leslie did a truly wonderful job recording the experience! For anyone's first time, I would say it's a must to get the DVD package...I'm all smiles showing it to my family, as I don't think it could've been recorded any better, and the photos are great as well....Thanks again for a great time!!!
- Josh Stewart

Chose to do this with my friends on my Birthday! It was GREAT!!! Wasn't even nervous and this was my first jump. We went Tandem. They are wonderful about letting you know exactly what to do and I had an amazing birthday. Thanks guys!
- Chris Smtih