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On April 3, I experienced my first skydive. I was very impressed with the entire experience! Ryan, my instructor, and Leslie, my videographer, were great partners in the experience! Thank you for making it fun! I would recommend Skydive Georgia to anyone! THANK YOU!
- Kyle Giesler

This was my first time and really wanted to jump, but at 1000 feet got scared and thought no way.........but we had the most awesome group of instructors,mine being JJ. Hands down I totally credit JJ for this beautiful and amazing experience. He made me feel 100% safe and comfortable(as you could possibly feel jumping out of a plane 14,000 feet)and most of all made it so fun. I would totally reccommend this place to anybody but most of all anyone who has some reservations. Thanks a million for the best experience of my life.
- tammy g

Thanks to my wife, I just fullfilled a desire I've had for over 25 years. It was everything I expected and more. Words can't describe!!! I would like to thank my tandem partner, Brian W., and videographer, Leslie. During my six hour wait on the ground, I watched as they labored packing and repacking their chutes, helping others with their gear, and interacting with customers. I could feel the stress of their very long day. When it was my time, however, they made me feel relaxed and gave me one of the best experience of my life. Best anniversary present EVER!
- Charles "Greg" See