Skydiving School (Dictionary)

Below are commonly used terms by expert skydivers and Skydive Georgia's staff. If you do not see a term in our dictionary that you have a question about, feel free to give us a call!

Accelerated Freefall

A skydive that is performed without an instructor attached via harness. 2 Instructors will accompany the student during their jump to ensure that the skydive goes as planned.


A device that measures the skydivers current altitude. Altimeters are used to judge height above the landing zone and allow the instructors to deploy the parachute at proper altitude.

Automatic Activation Device (AAD)

A device that is connected to the reserve parachute container. AAD's automatically deploy the reserve parachute at a pre-determined altitude, speed, or time.


Also known as parachutes, canopies allow each and every skydiver to land at a safe and comfortable speed.

Drop Zone

Any area that skydivers reserve to land. Drop Zone can also refer to the skydiving establishment, as a whole.


The time during a skydive that the skydiver is falling without the parachute deployed. Freefalls typically last anywhere from 30-60 seconds, depending on the altitude the jump was performed from.


An object which holds the skydiver securely inside the parachute system.


To properly fold the parachute system before a scheduled jump.

Pilot Chute

A smaller parachute that is used to allow the main parachute to open correctly and promptly.


Refers to the sharing of one parachute system with another person. Tandem jumps are typically performed by newcomers and students.

Wing Suit

A jumpsuit that is designed specifically for the act of gliding horizontally until parachute deployment.

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Did my 2nd jump yesterday with Jr. He was awesome! This was my first jump with skydive center and the experience was great. Sara did a great job of the video that she did and look forward to the next jump!
- Lisa Perry

Absolutely exhilerating!!! No... that doesn't even describe it. I've been wanting to take this leap all my life and now that I have, I'm ready to go again and again and again. You guys may have just made an addict out of this girl! JJ was an amazing instructor and made a wonderful experience absolutely unforgettable. I'll be back. Believe me, I'll be back. Maybe I'll see you guys tomorrow!!!
- Melissa Davis

Hi I had heard about this adventurous sport from a friend, who shared his video with us. I came from India to your place to have the experience of SKY DIVING. I had a wonderful experience A big thanks to Rayn for making this experience awesome, safe and unforgettable! i have been telling most of my friends about the whole experience and recommending the first timers!!! ---Deepa Maniappan
- Deepa M