South Carolina Skydiving Testimonials

You just have to do it with them!! They are so amazing!!! Scott was my instructor and he was awesome! ..and thanks to Ashton for the best video ever :) It was so much fun and I gonna do the AFF for sure! fantastic place!
- Yvonne H

It was amazing! Leslie did a great job with the video and Pat was a fun and very professional instructor. Can't wait to do it again...SOON!
- Amanda Averill

I made my first jump today with Pat and Leslie was my Videographer.They were both wonderful and made my experience unforgettable! I will be back soon to jump again! Thank you for an incredible time! Stormie
- stormie hogue

As a graduation present I wne all the way up to Atlanta to jump out of a plane! And it was Awesome! Jeff was the best instructor! Will come back when I graduate college!
- Jordan N

Want to have the time of your life ?.....Jump out of an airplane at 14,000 ft. ! ! These guys are freaking incredible ! Great second jump,had a blast. Thanks J.J.(instructor) & Junior(video). Also thanks to Danielle & Kayala
- Scott

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Here is what I did for Cinco de Mayo, New Year/Birthday #skydiving with Skydive Georgia
- Rafiq the Emcee

Sending thanks to the staff at Skydive Georgia, especially JJ and Ashton, for making my first skydiving experience one of the coolest things I've ever known. The entire staff was professional and courteous, and for a few more jumps, Skydive Georgia is the only location in Georgia that I feel comfortable and safe going to. JJ made feel relaxed before the jump, and made the jump an amazing experience for me. The entire way down was an incredible experience and I feel as though everyone should try the tandem, at least once, at Skydive Georgia, of course! - Stacey Ashley
- Stacey Ashley

Did my first tandem jump on July 4th...what a way to celebrate independence! Frank you ROCK! Thanks for the experience...I'm hooked and will be getting certified in the future! Believe that...
- Kelley T.