South Carolina Skydiving Testimonials

I completed my first tandem jump on fathers day. JJ was my tandem partner and made the whole experience priceless. I am ready to start taking some lessons and get jumping by myself. Thank you to the entire staff for an awesome experience. You will see me again soon! Craig
- Craig Cross

I have done several tandem and every time is better. JJ and Woody are super and I will be back next week so be ready
- Paulina

What a rush!! I said I was gonna dive for five years and finally went. I am gonna start the AFF course soon. I found my new hobby. Thanks to JJ I felt safe the whole way up to 14,000 feet and back down; he is great. A must for the adrenaline junkie!
- Rob Cleveland

Did my first tandem jump on July 4th...what a way to celebrate independence! Frank you ROCK! Thanks for the experience...I'm hooked and will be getting certified in the future! Believe that...
- Kelley T.

I used to be an Airborne Paratrooper back in the late 80s with lots of static line jumps. I had even become a jumpmaster. But I had not experienced free fall. So after over 20 years of waiting I decided to go to Skydive Georgia to attend the AFF course and begin my skydiving. I am so glad I did. The staff and instructors at Skydive Georgia are very friendly and extremely professional. I highly recommend anyone considering skydiving that they make the trip to Skydive Georgia!!
- Stephen Brown

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I had my first tandem jump on Saturday 9-10-11. I had the time of my life! Aaron was my instructor and Leslie was my videographer. It was the most exciting experience and one that I will never forget! Aaron had a wonderful sense of humor and I knew I was in capable hands. Leslie was very nice and she made an excellent video for me to enjoy forever. Thanks to both of you for such an awesome job!
- Wallette V. McCall

I got the jump from my daughter for my 80th birthday. Altough it was on my bucket list, I was apprehensive when we arrived on 29 July 12. My fears were immeditely alleviated by Aaron, my dive buddy. I felt safe all the was and the jump was awsome!!! To crown the event, Junior documented it with still photos and a video. Thanks guys for a once in-a-life-time experience; you truly are professionals.
- Joe W. Jegg

I wanted to give a huge thank you to both Jr. and Leslie with my first Tandem jump today! Jr. was great to jump with, and Leslie did a truly wonderful job recording the experience! For anyone's first time, I would say it's a must to get the DVD package...I'm all smiles showing it to my family, as I don't think it could've been recorded any better, and the photos are great as well....Thanks again for a great time!!!
- Josh Stewart