South Carolina Skydiving Skydiving School!

SKYDIVE SOLO at South Carolina Skydiving!

Your accelerated freefall will be a heart-pumping thrill!

Learn the fundamentals of skydiving with this AFF Category A course. You’ll go through training on the ground where you’ll learn the basics of skydiving. You’ll then be taken by plane to altitude to jump with two certified Jump masters (whose experience levels range from at least 5 years to almost 31years) alongside, to guide you throughout the ride.

You will have the opportunity to deploy your pilot chute, which will release your main canopy. Once your parachute is deployed, you will control a solo parachute descent back to the drop zone with some assistance from the South Carolina Skydiving staff, via use of our ground to air communication system. Enjoy this amazing ride of your life!


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Learn to skydive near Atlanta at Skydive Georgia’s Skydiving School; we’ll have you jumping solo in no time. If you’ve done a tandem skydive and are ready to take skydiving to a new level, then any one of these two courses is for you. For a one-time solo jump take our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Category A package; ground training lasts approximately six hours. For training toward becoming a certified skydiver, take our more advanced 7-Level AFF training program.


We have some of the most qualified skydiving staff you’ll find anywhere; some holding world records in skydiving. Skydive Georgia instructors are certified and come with experience levels ranging from at  5 years to almost 31 your solo skydive to the experts. If what you want is an exciting experience in a safe atmosphere, then Skydive Georgia gives you that and more.


Q: Is there a weight limit for skydiving?

A: Yes. The weight limit at our facility is 250 lbs.

Q: Can I get pictures of my skydive?

A: Yes. Still photos and video packages are available upon request.

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